Book finished: Rama II

Rama II by Arthur C Clarke and Gentry Lee


Meh, it was just OK. The characters were decent, but really absolutely no new ground to speak of, no significant tension or story line, just a few things happened. A real nothing of a book.
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My memory is that it felt like technology and civilization had made negative progress between Rama I and Rama II. I ignore all the books after "Rendezvous With Rama"
Yes, it was realistic in that regard. Civilization does run backwards sometimes.
And there was some verbiage thrown at the issue in the book, some sort of war. But the civilization in the first book had (in typical Clarke fashion) spread in the solar system, and the second didn't seem like it (in my memory.

Yes, in fact all of the colonies, and even manned space travel, had been abandoned for a few decades during "the great chaos" (caused primarily by social upheaval due to Rama I) and space travel was only beginning to be reinstated.