AT&T UVerse experiment

We're giving UVerse a try. Documenting here. So far:

Salesperson made a big deal of the speed. It's sounding like, at best, it will be 1/4 the speed we get with cable.
Salesperson said they had AWESOME routers, there was almost no way ours was better. Tech said ours is definitely better, in fact theirs aren't even dual band. I'm not even taking it as a backup/repeater.
J's primary email address is bound to our old ISP, so that would go away. Yes, it's a bad idea to have an ISP based email address for this very reason, but it's still a consideration.

Charter speed test results, May 31 10:52AM (I have seen up to 60 Mbps here but it's not reliable)

More updates here eventually.