New PC

I was pretty happy with the old PC, but my neighbor is moving out and has been dumping a lot of stuff. He threw a PC at me and it turns out to be a better machine than I already had. Not by a lot, but I'll ratchet up a little and push off the eventual upgrades by another year or two.

The old machine is a hex core AMD. It was my last try at AMD before going back to Intel for good (for now).

The new machine is an Intel i7-2600 quad core with 8GB of DDR3 1333 RAM, an 850 watt power supply, a very very nice mainboard (ASUS), and a very nice case which has the best front panel I've ever seen - Flash card readers, 4 USB ports and audio ports on the top front of the case angled out a little. Gamers sure throw out some nice stuff.

I decided to give the old machine to the church for the office, which is currently running a very old (abt 9 years) AMD dual core that was the family PC many years ago. I bought a 120G SSD for $40 for that and a USB 3.0 128G thumb drive to run as real-time backup, transferred the Samsung EVO 840 SSD, blu-ray burner, nVidia GT-9500, 1.5T internal and the mirrored pair of USB 3.0 to the "new" machine.

I went ahead and put Windows 10 on, it was easier than trying to hunt up all the drivers for the mainboard. I put Win7 on for 5 minutes, just enough so it would boot up and got it registered with the code on the PC, then upgraded with the Win10 DVD. Win10 successfully grabbed drivers for everything and all seems well. We'll see if I can keep the irritations at bay.

The biggest pain is getting VPN certs for work installed on a new machine. Not really that much of a pain, just waiting for the automated system to get around to working.