Long day (June 22 2016)

I took the day off work to meet up with the church secretary at 10AM to make sure the new PC was going to work for her. The plan was then to work around home from noon or so on.

I packed up around 8:30 to get there at 9, install some software and be ready for her at 10. Missing CDs and other issues made that take longer than expected. Then around noon our pianist showed up and said the new Clavinova would be delivered at 1PM. Since the old one was being thrown away, I gave in at the last moment and decided to acquire it, went home for my trailer, grabbed some lunch. The excitement of the new instrument kept me there until 3 or so, then I went and finished up with the PC. A trip to Menards got some supplies and also a shelf that the pianist requested. When I got back to the church, the trustees and I soon discovered that the sump pump had failed and since it's due to rain, possibly heavily, over the next 24+ hours, I went back to Menards and bought a replacement. That installed, then the shelf built and installed, the secretary back after going out for some appointments, checking that she was very happy with the new machine (and I suspect with the new, much better monitor and keyboard) and I finally got home around 8:20.

I did get one more of the walnut trees that the neighbor gifted us with planted, with 4 more to go. By then it was getting dark.

And now I have a rather large and somewhat sick Clavinova in my shop. I am planning to hold that for a winter project. I suspect bad capacitors in the power supply, and swollen wood in the action on the keyboard. The former, probably pretty easy to fix. The latter, probably the opposite of easy.

The best laid plans.