June 23 2016

YAY I just found the service manual in PDF form for the Yamaha Clavinova I saved from the junkbin. Happily it seems way easier to get apart than I had imagined. The manual says 5 minutes to get the cover off and get to the electronics.

Finally got the old van to the dealer for recall work. They've been sending me nag letters for over a year. It's just an inspection and revealed no problems. At least they'll stop bugging me. It's about 5 miles to the dealer from work so though it's nowhere near my normal mileage, I did get 10 miles in today so I feel alright.

There was a call for last minute help painting/cleaning the church's parsonage before the new minister moves in on Monday. I told them I just spent 12 hours doing church stuff yesterday, not to mention basically all of last weekend, and I'm sorry but I've got stuff to do at home. I did park the old van with the trailer attached there, and told them to toss all the debris into it and I'd haul it to the landfill on Saturday.

I got two more of the walnut saplings that the neighbor gifted us a few days ago in the ground. Two more to go. Lots more landscaping stuff to do as well, not to mention a million other projects. Just as well the new shop project is deferred for now.

Not sure if I'm working from home or going in tomorrow. I'm scheduled to work from home, but I've only ridden to work one day this week (plus 10 miles today) so I'm badly behind on cardio time for the week.