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  • Fri, 09:48: This is hilarious. The irrational hatred of cyclists via @YouTube
  • Fri, 10:54: Got my B&N ebook settlement. Trying to spend it. Things are 2-3x more on Barnes and Noble than on Amazon. Wonder why they're not doing well
  • Fri, 11:00: At least there's price parity on eBooks btwn Amazon and B&N. Spent my $11. Tonight I'll see if I can get a Nook book to load on my Kindle.
I had the Nook app on my Kindle Fire; in that setup, it would forget the current page unless I exited all the way to the Carousel before putting the device to sleep.
I don't load DRM'd media on any device, even one that will handle it. Even if I buy from Amazon, the DRM comes out immediately, then the book goes into Calibre, then it gets side-loaded into whatever device I'm using today. That way I can use whatever app I want.

The Kindle app on the tablet is definitely not the best ebook reader out there.

The Kindle Paperwhite is great design, though the software is kind of stinky.
Well, the default on the Nook store is DRM, and they changed it so I have not seen a good technique to remove it. So you'll have to limit your Nook purchases to books where the author or publisher has forced DRM-free. I'm planning on using my B&N credit in a brick & Mortar.
Ok, Calibre DeDRM can strip DRM from B&N books, but it's kind of a hassle. I don't really need it anyway, I bought a copy so I'm legal, I'll just DL a usable copy from elsewhere.

I think this is why I stopped buying from B&N and now spend hundreds a year with Amazon/Kindle. Amazon's DRM cracks so easily that you actually don't even notice it happening. You just install the DeDRM plugin to Calibre and drag/drop files in. The DRM just melts off invisibly.