June 28 2016

Sunday was a hoot, even the unplanned parts. After church, we (the two kids and I) idled around for an hour or so, then packed up and headed for Detroit, where Jenn took part in a fantastically well-performed concert with the Farmington Community Band at Orchestra Hall. I'm eagerly awaiting being able to buy CDs of the concert later this year.

We helped pack up a little, though the band has things down pretty well. Then we went to Harrison High School to meet the truck and help unload the percussion. A little while later Jenn pulled up and said "Do you have a gas can? Gabe ran out of gas." So Tom and I went to Meijer where there were 20 minute checkout lines, to buy a 5 gallon gas can, then filled it and found Gabe on the Lodge.

Modern gas cans are "safety" cans. You can translate this to "if you try to fill anything but a passenger car with a standard filler lid, half the gas will spill down you and onto the ground." That, apparently, is safety. So the car smelled quite badly for the rest of the day. But the truck rolled again, and everything got safely where it needed to be. And I now own THREE 5 gallon gas cans. One with a maddeningly complex spout that may have to die.

Then Tom wanted to visit a friend a few miles away just for a minute to pick up something. Arrived, person not home. Texted, drove another 2 miles to pick up friend at DQ and return him home. Got thing, took friend a few more miles to get his car. Finally returned home after 9PM. But hey, adventures in all forms, including walking down the side of the Lodge expressway with a can of gas, especially to help out a friend.

In other news, last night I restarted trying to pick up where I left off as a kid learning keyboard. I will try to lose the hour or so I usually spend watching TV and spend it instead on this. I have the old Clavinova that the church threw out, bought a MIDI interface for it, last night I skipped quickly through about the first 70 lessons in the software I bought a few years ago. I am up to sight reading. For some reason this method puts both thumbs on middle C, which is just weird, but whatever. I also found that the torrents have a ridiculous quantity of public domain sheet music, both scans of ancient copies from the early to mid 20th century, and crowdsourced re-done typesets of classical composer works. I'm WAY FAR from being able to play any of that but it's nice to have the stuff there.