Buying my way out of frustration

I finally decided I'd had enough of the second-string (junk) wireless mics at church and just pushed the button on a Shure BLX188 dual channel receiver and a couple of body packs.

We do have four "good" mics that are NOT a problem - two body packs and two hand mics, but we frequently need three body packs and four would be nice at times. Those are AKG 2.4 GHz digital units, which are OK but do suffer from wifi interference at times.
The new ones are in the 550 MHz range so they carry a bit farther and should be a bit more reliable. In any case I figure Shure knows wireless.

I'm going to get rid of the older mics, they're all stuff I really don't want to deal with, and if they're on the property, at some point I'll be tempted to use them and it'll just drive me batty.