First oil change

The Escape is very close to 10,000 miles and hasn't asked for an oil change yet. 10K is what the manual says is both max interval and also about what you should expect before it asks if you drive normal commuting, no towing, etc.

So today I changed the oil. Gotta say, I think it's the easiest oil change I've done in many years. There is a cover over the bottom of the engine but I can't complain about that since it took less than a minute to remove and when off the engine looks like it just rolled off the assembly line. Once off the oil plug and filter were both right there with nothing in the way. In fact the engine looks extremely easy to get to stuff on, when the inevitable day comes when I have to start working on it.

It was interesting to reset the oil change interval (let the computer know I just changed the oil). Turn on ignition (without starting car) and depress both gas and brake and hold until it says it's done resetting the oil interval. Super easy to find this info online.
The Prius also recommends 10K mile oil changes. I try to do 10K miles of gas, since I mostly drive on electric, and it tracks both. Which reminds me, I should check it.

The reset procedure involves holding down the Trip A reset button, which, if done right, doesn't reset the miles on the Trip A meter, but if done wrong, as the jackass at the oil change place did, does. Thus wiping out all the miles I'd been tracking. Since then, I reset it myself before I take it in.