Mr Robot, and a little more Marvel

I watched the first episode of Mr Robot on the way to Musecon last weekend. Looks quite good. A little outside of my normal thing but I should probably watch it. I am happy that they are being a lot more realistic about the autism spectrum than is normal for the media. Watching that made me realize what I really dislike about Big Bang Theory - it makes Asperger's seem like wacky hijinks. It's not, and it bothers me more than a little that the show makes it seem like just a little joke. Mr Robot seems a bit more realistic about the pain it causes. It's probably an extreme case for someone still functional but I'm betting there are people for whom it's fairly realistic.

Watched Iron Man tonight. I thought I'd seen it but clearly I hadn't. I think I just know a lot of these stories, and have seen bits of them while the kids were watching. IM2 is up next. The house is empty now so I am not bothering anyone turning the sound up to proper movie levels.
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