[Dragonfly DIY] Laptop repair

Just a quick heads-up - we had a laptop die in our household a few months ago, and didn't have time to mess with the repair so we just bought a new one. Last week I started messing about with the repair and spent several hours looking for a crack in the circuit board or a bad connection to a component (would only power up if pressure was applied to the board).

After a couple of hours of this, just out of curiosity I checked ebay to see what a new mainboard would cost. Turns out, $30. Well to heck with fixing the old mainboard then. I'd already wasted more time than that.

2 days later, the mainboard arrived. It was new in box, slipped right in with one exception - it had a 0.5mm pitch connector instead of the 1.0mm pitch connector in one place but it was just for the options keys. I ordered new connectors off eBay, it'll be a few weeks (China) for $3 for 5 of them.

Moral of the story, check the prices for all the options before spending much time on a repair. I just assumed mainboard replacement would be uneconomical since the last time I tried to buy a laptop mainboard they wanted more than the cost of a replacement laptop. These days if the laptop is more than 2 or 3 years old, likely there are repair depots liquidating excess inventory for a song.