New software

I'm doing a photo project and have to do some light editing and showing photos to others. My current software is extremely old and while they have been maintaining it, for whatever reason it's ludicrously slow. Flipping from one photo to another on a quad core modern machine with 8GB of RAM takes 2+ seconds. It's years past when I should have replaced it.

I looked around a bit and, surprisingly, decided on ACDSee Ultimate 9. It's very fast, has good organizational tools, and has enough functionality similar to Adobe Lightroom that I'll likely not need anything else to do the kind of editing that I do. The latest version even does layered editing.

Also I need to learn some 3D modelling software apart from OpenSCAD. It was tempting to try Solidworks since I can get a license via FIRST Robotics, but in the end I decided to play with Autodesk Fusion 360, it seems to be what all the cool Makers are using. Seems pretty powerful and a little more open than I was expecting.