[Dragonfly DIY] Mini printer mods - printing on glass

After the first couple of prints, I wanted to get read for regular use, so I cut a piece of glass to use as the regular print surface. I have had little luck with printing on glass in the past but decided to give it another try.

The main problem that I had is that there isn't enough adjustment in the Mini to allow for a sheet of normal window glass on top of the print surface. I may come up with a more elegant solution later but for now I just bent the lever on the microswitch up to get the Z zero within adjustment range.

I hit another problem in that the preheat menu only allows you to go up to 60 degrees. You can adjust higher than that after the print starts, and the GCode can call for higher, but you can't preheat up to the 70 degrees you want for PLA on glass.

I am still working on the startup gcode for this printer, so I wasn't getting the glass quite hot enough. For now I used a bit of hair spray on the glass and it's printing fine.

I will probably put kapton on the back of the glass and flip it for ABS.

As you can see below, the glass is just held down with a couple of small bulldog clips. You can also see that I need to do some tuning - I thought I had the retraction set at 4 or 5 mm but it's only at 2, therefore the stringing. You need a lot of retraction with a bowden tube system.