Book finished: Inherit The Stars

Inherit The Stars by James P Hogan


Rambling, badly dated science (not the author's fault, but grating to a modern reader), not really that interesting honestly. A long excuse for a pep rally at the end. In its day probably OK but not worth the time these days IMO.
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The first Hogan. Marked him as worthy of watching. I remember saying back then that it was like he was reading a book on writing, and after each chapter, he wrote another book. This was definitely not the one he wrote after the chapter on characterization.

Marks the start of the Giants at-least-Quadrology. I remember being fascinated by the idea of scanning books without being able to open them. Interestingly enough, that was in the news last week.
There have been a lot of documentaries on reading rolled-up scrolls and the like, going back 10 and more years. I'm sure National Geographic did a special years ago.
I'm sure the tech gets better all the time.