Calvin vs bike

Feeling better, riding faster

On Friday I experimentally cut out a snack I've been eating for years that I was starting to become suspicious of. I've been feeling just slightly unwell and have had low energy for several months now and that was seeming like the culprit.

Saturday, Sunday and today, I've felt better every day. I think and hope that's nailed down the cause. Hope so, because I've been getting squat done at home for weeks and it's been really bugging me.

This morning I got up feeling good, took 5 minutes off my ride time without really trying, and didn't feel like I'd been steamrollered when I got to work. My average speed for the 24 mile course is 16.9 MPH, which is still a LITTLE slow, but given some of the long uphill grinds on the course, it's not that bad really.

Getting back on the bike will make me feel even better.
Well it sure ain't carbs, I eat truckloads of carbs and still feel great. Don't really care what the cause was, as long as I've identified the one thing that I shouldn't eat anymore and am feeling great again.
FWIW the direct culprit was house brand (Meijer) semi-sweet chocolate chips, probably 2 ounces of them a day or so. I've been eating this for years. Just in the last 3 or 4 months I've been getting dragged down by them. No idea if they changed something or my body just got sick of me eating the crap. And they buy from various vendors - the flavor changes every few months, so it could be just that one, but probably no way to really know what's in them for any given batch, and it's just as well that I stop eating the things anyway.

It's not chocolate, I have no problem with other chocolates.

FWIW, I'm not really a fan of darker chocolates. I know that's heresy to most of my friends, but I don't do well with bitter tastes, which is also part of the reason I really very much dislike alcohol in all forms. No moral objection, just can't stand the taste even in small quantities, unless it's a ridiculously sweet drink or something. I just have to trust that my real friends won't shun me for eating milk chocolate. Besides, more dark for them :)