Calvin vs bike

The Ride

I got a rude surprise on the way home Monday night. They ground the pavement on Island Lake Road for about 3 miles of my route. It was brutal, I was probably only making 5 MPH or so; it felt like riding a jackhammer.

So today I went to work via Chelsea. It's a pretty decent ride really, but it's about 33 miles one way.

On the plus side, my legs are coming back, my average speed was 17.14 MPH. Over 17 is in a range I'm OK with.

On the minus side, I had a flat tire. I guess I should put a Gatorskin on the front wheel too. The one on the back stopped me from getting flats there.

I seem to have knocked the front wheel a little out of true. I felt a dragging after changing the tube, and when I got to work (about 10 miles later) found that there was a very significant drag (enough to make it hard to turn the tire by hand). I was able to tweak the brakes to remove it, but I'll have to true the wheel this weekend.