Posted on Whatever RE the election

Earlier when it became absolutely clear what the results of the election would be, I started considering the rest of the time before the election to be just a period during which we would have to live with the embarrassment of the world watching the orange one make his horrible noises. It's like bringing a loud, rude, hyperactive, flatulent 6 year old to a fancy dress party, but at least the outcome is pretty well known.

Then in recent days, I started to get worried about potential civil unrest after the election if the losing party decides to cause trouble about the outcome.

Even when riding my bike, which is when I normally de-stress, I am thinking about the election. I see Trump signs in yards and think "That should read 'Vote for hatred, bigotry, spite and anger in 2016!'"

I'm trying not to even discover who among my co-workers might be voting for him, because I think it might be hard to think of them as actual real, thinking people if I find out. I can't imagine how anyone at this point can vote for the (adjectives omitted here) man.

Yeah, it's been a bit stressful.