[Dragonfly DIY] Building the 8x8x8 LED cube from BangGood

I bought this LED cube, I've always wanted to put one together. This one was a bit frustrating because there were NO instructions to speak of whatsoever. In the end I made to errors - I had the polarity of the matrix reversed (I originally wired positive to the grid points and negative to the horizontal planes, and it wasn't working well at all. Reverse of that is correct).

In the end it's a pretty cool toy for < $30.

Here's the link to the product on BangGood's site.

Here's the video I made of how to build it.

I also made this quick dumb little guide for properly spacing the planes before soldering in the wires to fix them in place:

Here's a link to the STL if you want to print one. Or you can just hacksaw slots in a hunk of wood or plastic or something every 20mm, whichever.