Setting up a RAID box

Last night the Synology 416J that I ordered came in. I popped the three 5TB Seagates out of their enclosures (those boxes are designed to NEVER be opened once sealed) and put them in.

Setup was fast and automatic. In fact a bit too automatic for my taste. It didn't give me really any options, just set things up. It did set things up the way I wanted them, and I think I could change them if I wanted, but still it was surprising.

I've got a learning curve ahead of me. It's got a lot of remote junk that I need to look into, like the ability to grab files off it from my phone, a decent looking photo album site, etc.

It's going to take at least a week to copy all the data back onto the drive. It got grumpy about being plugged into a 100MHz switch, so I dug around in the junk box and found a GHz one to shut it up.

I tried plugging drives into the USB on the back and asking it to copy directly, but that didn't really speed things up any - I think right now it's too busy qualifying the drives, building the RAID parity volumes and such. Also it wants to make thumbnails for all the photos and videos, which is bogging it down.