Making room

At Windycon while talking with friends about having room to do things, I made the decision to give up on my personal room being both a media room and a work room. The media is going away, at least mostly. The projector and screen are still there, but mainly because I doubt I could get anything for them and they're not actually taking up much room.

I got rid of the TV bolted to the wall a couple of days ago, and today I finally decided that I can get the loveseat out of the basement alone, and it's now at Goodwill. The space will be filled by this evening, but hopefully it will give me room to get sort of organized and not have to just cram everything into a heap and step over things to get to anything.

I'm bringing a small desk in to be where I work from home. Having 2 or 3 monitors on a workbench means it's not really a workbench anymore, they plus the mouse and keyboard take up the whole desk area.
Funny, I thought your personal room referred to the room at the con. And I wondered about your media room idea there.