New printer build

I got a Geeetech Rostock Mini G2s kit today.

I spent about 7 hours building it while watching old 1980s National Geographic specials.

The mechanical assembly is done. The kit is pretty good but more attention needs to be paid to screw sizes. The instructions called for the wrong size in several places, and I had to supply a few of my own parts, including M2.5 and M3 screws. Most people would not have these just sitting around.

The only significant casualty was the little laser cut acrylic bits that mount the LCD. They're thin and fragile and both of them broke when I tightened the screws. Luckily the STLs for all the breakable bits have been posted on Thingiverse by someone, so I just printed a couple on the Mini while continuing to work on other things.

I need to stop now, if I get too far done I'll be tempted to try to finish and that would mean being up at 2AM.