Cheap smartwatches

When I learned I wasn't going to be getting my new Pebble watch, and they refunded my money, I started looking for an alternative that could replace my existing Pebble and add fitness tracking as well.

I decided to try a cheap Chinese watch, figuring that there's not much in any of these, it's all software.

I got a $45 one, and it looks nice and all, but the software that it all is, isn't. It only works within its own app, there's no way to get it tied tightly into the OS notifications.

So I'm returning it.

And upon starting my shopping up again, I found that Samsung now makes the Fit 2 smartband. I have loved Samsung's AMOLED curved screen smartwatches since I first saw them, but they were originally locked into Samsung phones, and I have no desire to buy a new phone.

The new one, however, works on all Android phones, and looks gorgeous. This thing looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie. I'll be picking one up tomorrow.

Really, with smartwatches, you need to buy from a company that's got the market share to maintain a good API over a few years, and the market share and stability to get 3rd party developers to write apps for it. Just not going to get that with cheap knockoff watches, even if the hardware is as capable, the software will just never be there.