More Windows 7

Windows 10 on the laptop finally irritated me one too many times and it's now back to Windows 7 again. It's almost entirely due to Windows sliding panes in from the side trying to "help" me. Fuck off Windows. You're an operating system. You do what I tell you to do. You do not pop up helpful hints. You don't try to help. You just sit there and do things when I tell you to do them, and nothing more.

I still have the ultrabook running Windows 10, but I really never use it. It's a great laptop except the resolution is too high, and Windows would handle that just fine except many Windows programmers are either lazy or incompetent and they don't handle scaling at all correctly. Reducing the resolution on the monitor doesn't really seem to help any either. If I had the old laptop working at the time I never would have bought the ultrabook.