Book finished: The Trade of Queens

The Trade of Queens by Charles Stross


I was pretty concerned after reading some of the "it doesn't end it just stops" reviews. I like the series and was hoping it wasn't like that.

IMO it wasn't. It's an entirely legitimate ending, I think well written, the characters remained true, and as we now know, the story continues in Empire Games.

I was wondering why Empire Games wasn't just book 7 (or 4, whatever) in Merchant Princes, but having read this and the synopsis of EG, I see why.

Anyway a good book in the series, a good ending to this arc.

Pretty heavy political message though, a product of having been written in the wake of 9/11. Very sympathetic treatment of "You screw with the US, we're gonna nuke something to send messages to show how big our balls are. The people we're nuking aren't even those responsible for the original attack, but that doesn't really matter and we don't care.
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