Printer problems - SOLVED!

I've been fighting the Delta printer for weeks. It's been badly misfeeding. I'm not going to go in to all of the things I've done to try to correct it, but they have been many. Today I replaced both of the hotends with E3D clones, and still it wasn't working great.

Finally in desperation, I tore the extruder assembly apart completely. I'd had it apart mostly in the past but this time I noticed that the idler wheel was very sticky. When I took out the screw, it fell apart into the pile of debris you see below. For now I've stolen parts from the second extruder and it seems to be printing great now (the E3Ds are a big improvement though I do lose 12.5mm of available height - worth it).

I just went out to eBay and found US sellers selling all metal versions of this for $11 shipped. Got two of them coming. Hope this extruder holds together for a week.

Anyway I can now get back to printing stuff, I have a backlog.