Choosing a (free) CAD package

I've been using OpenSCAD for years, exclusively. As a programmer and someone generating exclusively mechanical parts to be 3D printed it's been OK for me. But I feel like I really need an interactive CAD program to work with.

Since I have always and intend to continue to release everything I design into public domain, I feel like I should be using a CAD program that's at least free beer if not free speech.

For free beer, I guess the choice would be Fusion 360. Plenty of makers are using it, but it's not entirely free - commercial users would be required to pay up.

So for now I'm thinking I should at least give FreeCAD a try.

One thing I'll have to be able to do is export in a format that Solidworks can import because that's what the robotics students use (they get it for free). As a mentor and a maker doing free work, I could get a copy of Solidworks for free also, but see above.

Any opinions on free CAD programs? I'm sure FreeCAD has warts, but I figure I'll draw a few things and see how it goes. I also like the fact that at least one friggin' piece of software is entirely local on my PC.