[Dragonfly DIY] Extractigator: Tree pulling tool

I have a lot of little trees that need pulling, and decided to get a tool to help. I read some reviews and decided that Extractigator was best, at least for my use. I'm very happy with it.

The Extractigator is made in and ships from Canada. It took about 10 days for it to arrive at my place in Michigan.

I bought the optional "Bigfoot" attachment, which is just kind of a bent metal sled that attaches to the foot. It helps keep the foot from sinking in to very soft ground. I haven't mounted it, but it was only about $20 so I just went ahead and got it just in case.

The total with shipping was about $156, plus the $4 that the card company charged for the foreign tranaction.

Here's a video of the device and me using it a little. Man, I could lose a few pounds...