[Dragonfly DIY] Some quick notes on filament brands

Prompted by starting this new roll of filament from Digistruct this evening. Largely just notes to myself.

Digistruct PLA - OMG this stuff REEKS. I've never had PLA smell anything like this bad before. Do not use without a fume hood and an outside exhaust fan. It's not even a smell that is typical PLA, it's just horrible. I will NOT be buying this stuff again. Print quality appears very good though.

eSun filaments - PLA and ABS - EXCELLENT. Beautiful prints, super consistent.

eSun filament - PLA+ - beautiful prints, very strong, very good bed adhesion (can be a little bit of a pain to get loose from the bed, until you get adhesive and temp dialled in.

Hatchbox filaments - I haven't had any trouble with these. They work. I probably will prefer eSun in the future but Hatchbox is fine too.