[Dragonfly DIY] New (used) tool: 40 year old Jet milling machine

A friend had been sorta-kinda looking for someone to come drag this machine out of his basement since he now has a full sized Bridgeport there and doesn't need it, so I got this for a very good price and a Saturday's time. It's got some warts but for the money it was a decent deal.

I had no tooling, indicators or anything so I've done nothing for a few weeks while I accumulated a few things.
Today I decided to tram the head and remembered that the quill lock was broken:

It's a metric machine so I couldn't just buy new quill lock bolts that are readily available for Bridgeports. I decided to just hack a quick fix so some 5/16" rod and 10 minutes with a hacksaw, welder and grinder got me to this point:

I'm calling it "good enough"
Need to watch some more Mr Pete videos to figure out how to tram this thing in and such. All I've done so far is to try to clean up the ways and relube them and the screws and take out the backlash using the nut adjustments. Honestly that's probably just about enough to get the thing up to where my incompetence is the overriding factor, at least for a while.