2017-12-11 Monday

Wow OK I fell off the journaling bandwagon for days there.

I elected to do some reading on Saturday, I haven't just read for a couple of months, since deciding I was easily going to hit both my books read and pages read goals for this year. Working on Saturn Run right now which BTW is excellent.

I got the pump out of the pond Saturday - as per tradition, I waited a few days too long and had to hack through ice to get it out.

Jenn had a concert yesterday, I think the band is sounding fantastic.

The church's printer finally chucked it in, or at least we have finally given up on it, and I have a new one on the doorstep from Amazon that I'll be installing tonight.

I tried putting the electric mouse zapper in the crawlspace upstairs, with chocolate chips as bait. They ate the bait the first night, then I realized I hadn't turned it on. They took it the 2nd night too, I am guessing that the AA batteries stuck in C cell adapters just aren't up to running the HV pulses, so I'm going to actually run an extension cord and plugging in the DC adapter tonight.

Really not much else going on.