2017-12-16 Saturday

I'm way ahead on my reading goal for the year, so about 2 months ago I decided to dial back and devote most of that time to doing training and learning instead.
Then Artemis got to the top of my reading list, and two evenings were shot.
It's really good. You should read it.

Gotta be at the church at 11 to setup for the unusual service, using all the new equipment that is there now.
Ideally if that's over anytime soon I will get to Robotics too.

Also my TV croaked last night while viewing, and I need to poke at that and figure out the issue.
And I should do some remote work this weekend.

I did buy the one-and-only Christmas present that I need to get, and it'll be here in plenty of time (USPS Priority willin' and the snow don't fly (too much)).