2017-12-17 Sunday

No luck with the TV yesterday, including trying to get Walmart to exchange it (90 day limit) but LG is going to repair it.
Unusual service at church today, used all the new AV equipment.
Found an AC adapter for the mouse zapper, so trying that. It's 7.5 instead of 6 volts but probably close enough. I've baited it with chocolate chips 3 times now, with various batteries. The chips are gone each time. I guess it really does need C alkalines not AAs in adapters. We'll see.
Cleaned the fish tank. Cleaned the bedroom, vacuumed there, up the stairs and 2nd floor.
Windows 10 hasn't made me furious yet and it's been 2 days. Maybe there's hope. I'm never getting rid of the Windows 7 image though.
Things still act very slowly occasionally - you'd think that a quad core i7 with 8G RAM would be able to play simple online video when the connection is running full 60 Mbps but maybe that's asking a lot.