What I read in 2017

I started 2017 by setting a Goodreads "reading challenge" of 70 books, which would be slightly higher than my previous annual record - it's the first time I've set a particular goal for the year and it did motivate me, though perhaps too much. I really spent a lot of time reading in the first half of the year in particular. While I certainly do not regret time spent reading, I did slack off on other things that I also enjoy. When a mid-year evaluation showed that I could not fail to hit 70 for the year even with a much slower pace, I dropped back on the push.

I am happy that I was able to somewhat diversify the genres that I am reading. I still fall back to science fiction and urban fantasy as my comfort reads, but I have found that such diverse titles as Jane Eyre and Caged Bird were some of my favorites of the year.

At the end of the year, I find that Goodreads says I've hit 90 books.

I have stopped doing book commentary here, but I do make (usually extremely brief) notes on Goodreads when I finish a book. Clicking into the detail link at the bottom, then on each book, will take you to the Goodreads page which has a lot of reviews better than mine (but also, mine)

I welcome Goodreads friends, if you're on. If you're not, I encourage you to check it out. I find it a good way to keep track of what I've read (my memory is so bad that I've found myself re-reading books and not realizing it until halfway through) and for motivation.

Total to date Jan-June 2017:
ebooks: 25
audio: 25
total: 50

Total to date July-Dec 2017:
ebooks: 19
audio: 21
total: 40

Overall 2016
ebooks: 44
Audio: 46
Total: 90

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