Amazon comes through again

I ordered a bunch of stuff from Amazon in the last week. Several orders were due to arrive Tuesday. UPS at one point said delivered, "left in or near garage" - but they were not there and Jenn said she did not see the truck come up the driveway that morning.
A call on Wednesday and they said "UPS says the boxes were mis-scanned and will be delivered today" - they were not.
A call today (Thursday) and they now say "UPS says the boxes were mis-scanned and are lost" - I wonder if this means they were delivered to the wrong place and they are not going to get them back?

Anyway Amazon credited me the cost of the items, then I re-ordered them and had them shipped to an Amazon Locker that's about 1/2 mile from the hotel I'll be at tomorrow, and they paid for overnight shipping. One item is too big for the locker so that'll arrive home on Saturday and I'll just have to do without it this weekend.