My favorite things

For no particular reason, things I like:

* mrpete222 (YouTube shop teacher - has 900+ shop/machining videos, also does casting/pattern making/foundry)
* NYC CNC (machining, shop tours)
* OxToolCo (brilliant machinist lets you watch over his shoulder)
* Keith Fenner (machining)
* Clickspring (Machining, narration and cinematography of an unparalleled beauty)
* This Old Tony (Machining, fantastic video/narration)
* AvE (Machining, mechanics, electronics, general bumbling around in the shop for fun)
* Tom's Techiques
* Stefan Gotteswinter

* ChuckE2009 (Welding)
* Stephen Cox (Mechanic)
* thang010146 (animations of mechanisms - very useful)

* Essential Craftsman (large scale building, like houses etc)
* CircuitsAndStrings (DIY stringed instruments)
* Physics Anonymous (mostly building tools really)
* JimmyDiresta (very good builds)
* StewartMacDonald (musical instrument build/repair)
* Diode Press (printing)
* Max Maker
* SuburbanTool
* Jeremy S Cook
* MakerJ101

* BigCliveDotCom (electronics, fun, general friendly chat)
* GreatScott! (electronics)
* ElectroBOOM (electronics, fun)
* Samy Kamkar (brilliant reverse engineering/security hacks)
* MikesElectricStuff (very low key electronics/LED stuff)
* State of Electronics (documentary of Australia electronics scene)
* The Dinosaur Den (Bil Herd and Fran Blanche explore the world of paleolithic technologies)
* The Post Apocalyptic Inventor (just about everything, excellent explanations of how motors work)
* AfroTechMods (educational electronics stuff)
* ItKindaWorks (embedded electronics mostly)
* JulianIlett (a bit of solar, mostly just messing about with Chinese modules and random experiments)
* VoltLog (electronics)
* Brian Douglas (electronics theory)
* DIY Perks (DIY mostly electronics)
* bitluni's lab (electronics etc)
* Andreas Spiess (embedded electronics, this guy is a GENIUS and explains things wonderfully)
* EEVBlog (electronics, not as good as it once was)
* MickMake (Embedded electronics)
* Switch & Lever
* The Signal Path
* Fran Blanche
* OpenMV,LLC (Machine vision)

General education/interest:
* CGP Grey (educational, variety of topics, very good)
* Objectivity (tour the Royal Institute Archives one cool object at a time)
* Veratasium (science general interest)
* Vihart

* Periodic Videos (chemistry, VERY good)
* Thoisoi2 (chemistry)
* Physics Girl
* Engineer Guy (various engineering quick topics)
* Real Engineering
* Minute Physics

General Science:
* Applied Science (the most laid back genius on YouTube)
* CodysLab (fantastic educational videos)
* Nick Moore (science general interest)
* Professor Leonard (excellent math lectures)

Just fun:
* Waterjet Channel (fun)
* Youtube Pedant (Techmoan's muppet housemates winging about things)

Consumer electronics:
* Techmoan (Dashcams, consumer electronics, retro electronics and audio gear)

* Kai W (photography)
* Lok Cheung (photography)
* DigitalRev TV (photography, not as good as it once was)
* Chase Jarvis

* Living Alongside Wildlife
* Evan Kale
* Pocket83 (puzzles, toys, unusual uses of tools)
* Altzone (EEVBlog random shit)
* LastWeekTonight
* Alex Dahl (My QI fix)
* Elias Fofanov (C# videos)
* Vatican Observatory Foundation
* EEVDiscover (EEVBlog side channel, pretty dead)
* RedGreenTV (every episode)
* QITV (some official QI videos)
* Car Crash Compilation (just to remember how stupid people can be)
* FRCTeam1502
* Monkey See Monkey Do (Physics Anonymous's cat's channel)

Inactive channels:
* Black Creek Research
* BBCRobotWarsUK
* The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo (not entirely inactive)
* Cobbler Videos
* Neil Underwood (3D printing)
* Arc Robotics (seems to be dead, was getting a self-balancing robot up)
* Veronica Belmont (gaming - seems to be inactive)
* Jeri Elsworth (electronics etc, not very active)
* The Post Apocalyptic Archive (archive/2nd channel for TPA Inventor above)
Got me beat by a bunch, but "Essential Craftsman" is, in fact essential. Gonna check out some of the others.