Journal of random thoughts, May 7 2018

Yesterday I started digging up sod for a largish patch to move the pink rose to. It's going to take a while. Also started on the strawberry beds. There are a bunch of oaks sprouting in those beds, if they come up well we can move them elsewhere. So much weeding to be done though in all the beds.

A few weeks ago I built a new PC. I'm very happy with it, the old one was really still quite good but it lacked just a couple of things that were getting in my way, and no good way to expand them for a reasonable amount of money. I tend to use machines for many years go the $700 I put into this isn't a problem.

Over this past weekend we repurposed the old PC with a new video card and set up Kate's room as a VR suite with an Oculus headset. It's fun. The PC may eventually get replaced but it's doing a pretty good job for now. The things that were hampering it in the last environment aren't currently that big of a deal here.

The video system at the church is slowly taking shape. Several things aren't working as I'd hoped they would but I found a workaround that I think will do. I would have preferred to do a full HDMI system instead of the IP camera that I used, but IP cams are $250, HDMI ones are $1700.

I went to do audio and take photos at the spring tea at church, and caught up with a couple of people I hadn't seen in a while.

I need to poke the MCO people. I'm putting 30 to 60 minutes a week into editing service audio, have 5 weeks worth burned to CD now, and nobody's touched any of them. I'm not going to continue if nobody's going to use them.

This Friday I'm taking off and spending some time with Dianne Smith to record things at church for us to use when she's away.

My chainsaw decided to get cranky on Saturday while working on a downed branch. So that's another stupid thing that's going to rob me of a couple of hours to fix. And when it decided to not work, the man I was working with on the branch stepped up to try something else and got injured, which really sucked. He's OK but his back is injured.

I'm sort of on track for reading. Slower than last year but that's by choice, I need to do other things. Last year I read 90 books, this year I've set my goal at only 30 and I'm at 14 for the year now. I think this is a good pace that allows me to get other things done.

I really need to decide where I want to go for vacations this summer. A proper tour of UP waterfalls, and a Grand Canyon trip are current possibilities. Work into that also that I would like to build a shop.

Some folks at church have decided to add another 20x40 foot event pavilion to the stable and I was tasked to buy it (not pay for it). The main bits are coming, and I have to go buy the metal pipe at Menards. Then every one of the (30-some I think) pipes have to be cut to length. I want to buy a portable bandsaw for this, and was going to go for the Harbor Freight one, hoping for it to go on sale but it hasn't for a while now. Plan to build a stand as many have for mounting it as a cutoff saw.

I have been adding security cameras at home. Figuring out what works and what doesn't. Some sort of system is desired up in Laurium and I'd like to be able to at least recommend, and possibly install a system there. And I like at least being able to see the driveway on days when I'm working from home (in the basement) for when deliveries come.